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Yerba Mate Tea: Can it Help You Lose Weight?

Yerba Mate Tea: Can it Help You Lose Weight?

A lot of herbal teas are said to contain properties that help induce weight loss. Yerba Mate (also called ‘mate’) is one of them. But how effective is mate really?


Yerba Mate and weight loss research

I came accross an article that shows the results of 3 weight loss studies that researched the weight loss properties of a few herbs (including yerba mate).

I’ll spoil the surprise of the conclusion a bit by quoting the article here:

“The practice of using yerba mate for weight loss does have some evidence behind it, but there is not enough to be conclusive.

Drinking a lot of just about any beverage in between meals can help keep you from feeling hungry and overeating. If you like yerba mate, go ahead and drink it. The caffeine in the beverage will definitely give you a little pick-me-up.”


And on the topic of teas for weight loss, the author also mentions this:

“Also, if weight loss is your goal, you might consider drinking green tea instead. There is a lot more evidence to support using green tea for weight loss than there is to support yerba mate weight loss.”


Find the article at amazing-green-tea.com




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