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How to Deal with Anger: 10 Steps that Transform Anger into Compassionate Connection

How to Deal with Anger: 10 Steps that Transform Anger into Compassionate Connection

Ever been in an argument with your partner that spiraled out of control?

Maybe it felt merely unpleasant in the beginning. But then it somehow quickly transformed itself into a painful mass of emotion heaped upon emotion? Usually when this happens, it is because we have been injecting painful experiences from the past into the mix.

A spiral of pain

And in general, we aren’t trained to deal with stuff like this in a constructive way. No wonder some couples are not able to resolve their issues. The problem remains unresolved, and is added to the stack of emotions that will be taken uot of the closet the next time a fight occurs.


How to deal with anger and convert it into understanding and connection

Marshall Rosenberg (the fouder of Non Violent Communication) wrote “Ten Steps that Transform Anger into Compassionate Connection”.


I especially loved his conclusion at the end:

“Every minute, every one of us is alive with needs and values, seeking expression. You love to live in harmony with your values, and you love to contribute to others’ experience of harmony, when you can do so with no element of coercion involved.

Moment by moment, with honesty and empathy, you can meet your needs, and bring your values to life. Practicing these 10 Steps you truly can transform anger into compassionate connections.”


Read the full article here.


main image © Lara604 “Angry Friday Face”, released under CC 2.0



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