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Photonic Beats that can influence heart & brain?

Photonic Beats that can influence heart & brain?

Light patterns generated by a computer were able to control the speed of the cardiac waves, their direction as well as the orientation of these spirals – in real time – and that is something that never been shown for waves in a living system before.This does involve some genetic manipulation – about which I am having my doubts. This science is called optogenetics, which alter cells by using genetic modification in order for them to be activated by light.

Until now, it has mainly been used to activate individual cells or to trigger excitation waves in tissue. We wanted to use it to very precisely control the activity of millions of cells.’


‘Precise control of the direction, speed and shape of such excitation waves would mean unprecedented direct control of organ-level function, in the heart or brain, without having to focus on manipulating each cell individually. This ideal therapy has remained in the realm of science fiction until now.’ – Dr Emilia Entcheva, Stony Brook University


Something to think about.


Read the whole story on phys.org



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