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Getting older doesn’t mean you have to deteriorate

Getting older doesn’t mean you actually have to suffer from all kinds of age related problems like:

  • Declining health
  • Not feeling attractive anymore
  • Losing your mental capabilities
  • Feeling isolated and lonely


But that’s what people believe

You too? Do you think getting older is synonymous with: the beginning of cancer, the start of alzheimer‘s and dementia, osteoporosis, heart disease, etc?


Oh, but it runs in my family!

Yes, it does run in a lot of families. But there’s a reason for that. You know what really runs in a lot of families?


Fixed beliefs.

Culturally ingrained beliefs.


That tell you what to expect at every age

For example, at 50, you will start having health problems.

And at 65, you surely have to have some sort of oncome because your body is to old/weak to still work and be productive.

And so on…

People actually believe that after the age of 50 it’s all downhill.

But beware:


Your beliefs are powerful

Your beliefs about what a certain age means are far more powerful to affect your biology than you’ve ever been told.

Do you believe that after 40 it’s all downhill?

Do you believe too that, as you age, you’re doomed to suffer from age related diseases?

Do you believe that after a certain age, it’s the beginning of the end?

But really, getting older doesn’t mean you actually have to suffer from:

  • Lack of function
  • Getting bent over
  • Being unable to walk
  • Getting chronically degenerative diseases


Getting older without deteriorating

It is possible.


It’s what’s in your brain and mind that changes your biology.


That’s what runs in your family

What runs in your family is a series of beliefs.

Think of how your parents were like when you were younger.

What did they tell you becoming fourty was going to be like? Even if they didn’t talk about it, how did they show it? Or how did they live it?

What were the thoughts about being 50? About being 60?


And know this:

It is your beliefs that affect your genes.

This is the new science of epigenetics. It is not the genes per se that make up your fate. It is the environment around the gene that effects how the gene is expressed.

And guess what:

You have the ability to change what you think!

You can change your beliefs.


Bottomline is:

You can have:

  • a great social life
  • great sex
  • and more fulfillment

…than you’ve ever thought possible.

You cán release outdated beliefs.


New beliefs mean a new reality

Imagine what your life would look like if you shed those beliefs and create a new outlook on life.

Imagine the profound effect on your body.

You have it in you to make growing older an entirely different experience.

Growing older is inevitable, but aging really is optional. After all our brains and bodies rejuvenate, and new cells are being created every single day!

But making the decision to stay fully active and engaged in life is your choice.



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