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Do you feel like this is you?

You have the impression that what you’re doing in your life is not getting you anywhere.

That you’re just following a path laid out for you by others, and that really doesn’t satisfy your soul at all. You have a deeper longing.

Sometimes even, it almost feels feel like you’re squandering your life. As if you’re wasting your life’s energy.

Do you feel there’s so much more?

So much more potential inside you that hasn’t been brought to the surface yet? The potential to be really alive?


It can be frustrating

Maybe you’re having to work at a silly job somewhere. Feeling that you can’t work at a rythm that your body actually likes. Maybe even having to force yourself all the time.

As a consequence of that, it’s possible you feel weaker now than a few years ago. Depending on your particular situation, you might even have developed some physical symptoms or disease in your body.



Potential inside

And it’s frustrating, because you know there’s so much more inside you. All these skills…

You probably have at least an average intelligence. Maybe you’re creative?

But life has somehow pushed you in another direction…



Dark night of the soul

Maybe you have even gone through a few “dark nights of the soul” in your life. That’s good news.

That means life is trying to show you to change.

Life sometomes asks us to reinvent ourselves, IF that’s aligned with our soul.

You could consider Dark Nights of the Soul to be good experiences. In essence they inspire you to find more happiness inside you. They encourage you to open your mind more, and to dig even deeper in yourself.

Usually, it’s at these moments where people come into contact with practices like meditation, yoga or Qi Gong.


Qi Gong and meditation

Maybe you practice Qi Gong. Or you love meditating. Is that when you experience the most peace? When just sitting there? Maybe there’s even the feeling of you being nothing. Being just… empty. You have never any problem at all, when you are not thinking.

That’s what’s said about meditation: it stills your mind. And if you do not have thoughts, then there is no problem. Problems only arise when there are thoughts. If there are no thoughts, there are no problems. There might be pain (if that’s the case) but that’s not a problem if you don’t think about it.

And all projections about the future, “oh I wish this, I wish that”…they’re not there when you’re not having any thoughts. And then there is no pain either. Brilliant!


Inner and outer

But then again, meditation is only the inner part life, there’s also something that drives you to achieve things in “the outside world”. And that can be more of a struggle.

You still need to earn money. There are a lot of things you want to improve. Better health, more money, more satisfying relationships.

But most of all: you want your own place in life! A life tailored to who you are, recognizing your strengths and unique capabilities.


Rat race

And then there’s this senseless rat race out there, where you have to work fulltime, only to be able to pay your rent, food and car. It’s crazy. That’s not quality of life.


Inner and outer flow

So that is where the frustration can be.

When you meditate, there’s a flow. But when you go outside into “the world”, maybe this flow is not so much there anymore (mainly when it comes to ‘earthly’ things, like earning money, health and relationships.


Did you recognize yourself in this description?

If so, I know how you feel.

Why? Because everything I wrote on this page, has happened to me as well.


So that’s what this website is about

Living the flow, inside, as well as outside.

This is my way, and this is what I want to share with others.


Thanks for reading,



ps. Let me know if this is something you can relate to.